Premium Coffee Selections

Breakfast Blend (Light)
Is a blend of South American coffee beans of a light note with good balance and exceptional finish, ideal for your morning cup.

Donut Shop Blend (Mild)
This blend unveils a rich aroma intensified by its fruity notes. It's a smooth coffee with a lively acidic note, just like the one you would get at the donut shop, only better!

Colombiana (Medium)
One of Colombia’s finest estate coffee beans that delivers a well-balanced medium brew that may very likely become your “any-timeof-the-day” cup.

Fair Trade Organic Colombian (Medium)
This coffee is grown in full shade of the traditional Typica variety on the Marta Mountain. This location is ideal for organic cultivation with abundant natural water resources, rich soils free of chemical pollution and ideal temperature. This soft, fragrant coffee exhibits distinct chocolate or sweet cocoa notes complimented by a fruity undertone.

Esperanto (Bold)
An exotic blend of South American, Indonesian and Kenyan beans that has a delectable tanginess that grabs hold, delivering that rich, bold flavor you crave.

Espresso (Extra Bold)
A unique blend of coffees made from very best Central, South American & Indonesian coffee beans. This roast has a heavy complex character with just a hint of sweetness.

French Roast (Dark)
This is a blend of African, Central and South American beans is medium dark roasted. This produces a strong full bodied coffee with overpowering taste and aroma. The darker roast brings out its spicy, nutty character.

Turkana (Extra Dark)
A dark-roasted blend that combines Colombian, Brazilian, and Central American coffees offering a truly distinctive taste with roasty overtones and delicate earthy undertones.

Delano Decaf (Decaf)
A 100% naturally decaffeinated full-bodied blend of South and Central American coffee beans results in a truly enjoyable cup of or night.

Tortello (Flavour)
A superbly luscious blend of roasted hazelnut, vanillacream and dark chocolate that can cap off your breakfest, lunch or dinner and will relax and tantalize.

Cappulato (Flavour)
Combining the smooth rich blend of our very best coffee beans with notes of cappuccino and the sweetness of caramel resulting in a peaceful escape from an otherwise busy day.

Franzella (Flavour)
Laced with the well-known richness of French Vanilla and a smooth yet bold coffee flavor, culminating in a perfect partnership that practically redefines self indulgence.

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